035514am`4 AM Workouts: A Good Idea?`4AM exercise is possible and a good idea. Early exercise will help you stay motivated.`arms`Big Arms (Pictures)`15-inch arms are considered big. Massive arms are 16 inches or more, but arm size is linked to body fat.`height`Will Lifting Weights Make Me Shorter?`Lifting heavy weights causes a temporary height decrease. Lifting does not affect growth.`abs`Abs: Get 6 Pack Abs`Learn how to get six-pack abs. Eliminate your stomach fat and become lean and muscular for the beach.`steroids-permanent`Are Anabolic Steroid Effects Permanent?`Learn about the permanent effects of testosterone therapy and anabolic steroids.`steroids`Are Depo Testosterone Injections Hard to Do?`Understand testosterone injections. Learn about the steroid Depo-Testosterone, or testosterone cypionate.`fridge`Can I Put Protein Shakes in the Fridge?`Protein shakes can be refrigerated. The fridge prevents a protein shake from developing an odor.`isometric`Do Isometric Workouts Increase Muscle?`Isometrics are effective. Isometric deadlifts will increase muscle mass without ever moving a weight.`aspirin`Does Aspirin Help in Bodybuilding?`Study scientific research about the benefits of aspirin. Aspirin may lead to muscle growth.`butter`Does Butter Help in Bodybuilding?`Butter has positive effects for bodybuilding and muscle mass. It increases testosterone.`garlic`Does Garlic Increase Testosterone?`Garlic increases testosterone levels. It is useful for muscle growth and bodybuilding.`milk`Does Milk (GOMAD) Cause Muscle Growth?`Drink whole milk, even a gallon a day, for bodybuilding. The practice is called GOMAD.`oj`Does Orange Juice Help in Bodybuilding?`Orange juice has benefits for bodybuilders. Read about medical research done on OJ and vitamin C.`tea`Does Tea Help Build Muscle?`Drink tea to gain muscle. Scientific data shows that tea is likely beneficial to bodybuilding.`testosterone`Does Weight Lifting Increase Testosterone?`Testosterone is affected by weight lifting. Heavy and light weights benefit bodybuilders.`shaker`How Can I Clean My Protein Shaker Bottle?`Discover how to clean protein shakers, making them smell nice again.`dips`How Can I Do Dips at Home?`Perform parallel bar dips at home gyms. Consider buying dip bars and weights for maximum muscle gain.`natural`How Can I Increase Testosterone Naturally?`Increase testosterone naturally, without drugs. This helps you gain muscle mass.`eggs`How Many Eggs Should I Eat Per Day to Build Muscle?`Eggs help you gain muscle mass. Compare eggs to milk and reference scientific data.`testicles`How Much Do Testicles Shrink on Steroids?`Anabolic steroids cause testicular shrinkage. Understand the extent of the testicle size changes.`barbell`How Much Does a Barbell Weigh?`Weigh barbells, which usually come in between 10 and 45 pounds. Weigh Olympic, standard and EZ-curl bars.`whey`How Much Whey Should I Drink for Bodybuilding?`Learn how much whey protein to use for bodybuilding. Read scientific data about building muscle.`barbell-dumbbell`Is a Barbell or Dumbbell Better for Muscle Gains?`Study scientific research that compares barbells to dumbbells. Muscle gains are measured.`gh`Weight Lifting and Growth Hormone`Learn how to increase GH, growth hormone. Heavy lifting, diet, supplements and age are important.`flavors`What Is the Best Whey Protein Flavor?`Read about flavors of Optimum Nutrition whey protein. Double rich chocolate is good.`nipples`Why Do My Nipples Tingle?`Tingling nipples may occur in bodybuilding. This happens to men who lift weights.