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Zinc. Is ZMA useful for bodybuilders? Should they supplement their diets with zinc pills? Zinc and magnesium are reported to increase strength. They are useful if a deficiency exists. Studies have had conflicting results.

Science Zinc supplements are not proven. Scientific evidence does not support ZMA supplements for lifters.

Multivitamin A daily multivitamin has zinc. This may be sufficient for the bodybuilder. It would help prevent deficiencies.

Research. After some medical research, I found one study that states there is some evidence that zinc and magnesium supplements will increase strength. It is unclear if there existed any possible zinc deficiency before the study occurred.

In Zimbabwean schoolchildren, zinc helped muscle gain and weight gain in general. These subjects possibly had a deficiency. If you might have a zinc deficiency, a zinc supplement would be extremely useful for muscle size growth.

Magnesium, zinc and chromium nutriture

Bodybuilding. For weight trained men in North Dakota, USA, the ZMA supplement was not found to be at all beneficial to muscle size or strength gains. No improvements in strength or muscle mass were shown.

In this study, the weightlifters were all men. Because men tend to eat more food than women, this could reduce the possibility of any level of zinc deficiency. Zinc serum levels were increased by 11-17% but no benefits were measured.

Effects of Zinc Magnesium Aspartate: ZMA

Therefore Zinc supplementation in athletes might be beneficial for women and those who do not consume large amounts of food.

Also, a male bodybuilder on a restricted diet would possibly benefit from zinc because of the possibility of some level of deficiency. A daily multivitamin, rather than an expensive ZMA supplement, would likely fill this need.

Multivitamin Tips

So Zinc may not be beneficial to bodybuilding unless you have a deficiency. ZMA lacks proven benefits.

Story. As a bodybuilder I have taken zinc in an effort to improve my training. I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary while taking zinc in my training—it is unlikely I had a zinc deficiency.

Also Zinc affects your sexual health as well. A man's ejaculate will be affected with zinc supplementation.

Tip With zinc supplementation, you may have a larger ejaculate volume. This will not matter to most of us.

Summary. Zinc has possible benefits for certain groups. But according to this research, a zinc or ZMA supplement is not useful for most men engaged in strength training who eat adequate, high-calorie diets.

Tip If you fall into a special population—because of your diet—zinc supplements could be useful.

But A daily multivitamin fills the zinc supplementation requirement for most male athletes and bodybuilders.

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