Chocolate Muscle NotesInvestigate the use of chocolate as a supplement in bodybuilding. Chocolate has health benefits and can help with muscle recovery.
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Chocolate. As a bodybuilder, I am obsessed with muscle growth. I research ways to make my muscles bigger and more imposing. Chocolate, often thought of as candy, has health benefits. Could chocolate help a bodybuilder?

Recovery. First, in my medical research, I found that chocolate aids in exercise recovery. One recent study (from 2014) found that rock climbers recovered faster after drinking chocolate milk. They were able to train again sooner.

In bodybuilding Chocolate milk may help you train again sooner, and harder. This could promote faster muscle growth.

Quote An improved performance was found after the consumption of chocolate milk, with both a greater distance climbed and duration.

The effectiveness of chocolate milk

Muscle soreness. Often we refer to muscle soreness after training as DOMS. This is a pain. But chocolate milk reduced this soreness. This could make aspiring bodybuilders more likely to train—it would make it less painful.

However As the study notes, chocolate milk is not well-researched. So a lot of this is conjecture (which is always interesting).

Quote Chocolate milk as a recovery drink resulted in further sustained climbing, a decrease in muscle soreness, compared to water (The effectiveness of chocolate milk).

Weight, muscle. Let us consider the direct effects of chocolate (cocoa) on our muscles. Cocoa helps in weight loss—it makes the uptake of glucose in our muscles more efficient. This is a positive thing.

And In general, increasing the efficiency of muscles can lead to more training, heavier training, and more bulging muscles.

Quote Cocoa helps in weight loss by improving mitochondrial biogenesis. It increases muscle glucose uptake by inserting glucose transporter 4 in skeletal muscles membrane.

Health benefits of cocoa

Mental. To some extent, every sport is a mental sport. It involves motivation—our best athletes train relentlessly, pushing themselves harder and harder. Chocolate benefits mood and thinking.

A positive mood If we feel good about ourselves, we may be more motivated to train and get more sculpted, perfect muscular bodies.

However Not everyone's motivation is the same. There is intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic With intrinsic (inner) motivation, chocolate could help—it could cause us to feel better during exercise, and thus do it more.

Quote Because of its antioxidant properties, cocoa offers neuron protection and enhances cognition and positive mood (Health benefits of cocoa).

Story. I do not like chocolate. It usually gives me a headache. But I sometimes eat it at Christmas parties when it is present (I cannot resist). And I like sugary treats, even though they make me fatter.

Cocoa Many of the health benefits to chocolate are most concentrated in higher-quality, expensive cocoa.

However One time I tried eating pure cocoa (real chocolate) and it tasted terrible. I do not fondly remember that chocolate.

In general, chocolate is considered a candy (confection) in our culture. Candy has few health benefits—it has more negatives. Due to my dislike of chocolate, and the sugary chocolate that we usually eat, I continue to avoid it.

Summary. Chocolate and chocolate milk are good supplements for the aspiring strength athlete. They may help you more frequently train, and feel less sore. Chocolate benefits your muscles and makes your mood better.

However The excess sugar in chocolate candy is a negative. I consider other foods, like green tea, a more important supplement.


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