White Spots, Testicles. What causes a white spot on a man's testicles? The common condition vitiligo could cause this problem. I research vitiligo and see if this is a cause of a white patch on a man's testicles. I found two white patches on my testicles.
Vitiligo. Let us first visit the American Vitiligo Research Foundation. This foundation indicates that it is possible for the first sign of vitiligo to appear on your genitalia—this term includes the scrotum and penis.

The white patches may begin on your face above your eyes or on your neck, armpits, elbows, genitalia, hands or knees.

American Vitiligo Research Foundation
This quote was taken from the American Vitiligo Research Foundation. Please visit the linked web page for more details. Thanks to the American Vitiligo Research Foundation for its work on vitiligo support and information.
Bleached skin. If you are seeing vitiligo for the first time, you might be shocked at the appearance. It looks like skin has been bleached pure white. People often associate their skin with the pigmentation of their skin.

However:The skin itself can be any color—just ask someone with tattoos, or someone with a different ethnicity.

Story. In 2000 at 25 years of age I noticed two white spots on my testicles. The two white spots were on the bottom and rear part of my testicles. The larger spot was about the size of a dime. The smaller white spot was the size of a pea.

And:These two spots are on the bottom and back of my testicles—not noticeable at all, unless I closely look.

I investigated these no further, but I did visit my doctor for other reasons. The spots turned out not to be anything worth worrying about. Some of my family members have small white spots on their bodies.
It seems unlikely they are the same thing as the testicular vitiligo I have, but skin is imperfect. The white spots are definitely not a malignancy and I am not in danger of losing my testicles.

Note:I found no other skin problems on my testicles or penis. This is reassuring—it makes vitiligo more likely.

Summary. This is not a medical site and I am not a physician, but it is clear that vitiligo can first appear on a man's scrotum. Fortunately this is not a highly noticeable spot. It is not likely this will cause much self-consciousness.

Tip:It may be worthwhile investigating the vitiligo further—it can be a sign of other medical problems.

But:Often small skin imperfections are simply cosmetic problems, not worthy of excess concern.