Testicle shrinkage. This is a story about my balls. I took anabolic steroids many years ago. These were prescribed by a doctor. And my balls did shrink.
Eggs, grapes, blueberries. We often use fruit or food to describe the size of things. After steroids, my balls were closer to grapes than eggs.
Some research. Steroids make a man's testicles shrink in size. They become smaller. His underwear becomes looser. But usually the shrinkage is not profound.

Note:This is the experience of one man receiving testosterone injections prescribed by a practicing endocrinologist.

Note 2:The anabolic steroids were not abused or used for non-medical purposes. The medicine used included Depo-Testosterone.

Shrinkage. Let us get back to my balls. At first when I took testosterone shots and Androgel, my testicles became tighter and smaller by a small amount.

First:The shrinkage of my testicles was not profound. They did not hang as far down in my underwear.

It got worse. The shrinkage progressed over the next year of testosterone shots. My balls continued to shrink in size. My testicles were the size of small grapes.

Final size:My testicles were, when I finished the T shots, larger than raisins or peas. But they were smaller than eggs or walnuts.

Semen quality. The quality and quantity of my ejaculate significantly decreased. When I ejaculated, only a small amount of fluid would appear.Masturbation

Color:I noticed the fluid was less white. It was clear. This was not normal for me.

And:This may have been a symptom of my balls shutting down. But the prostate is also involved in ejaculate fluid.

Scrotum. The testosterone replacement therapy also caused loose skin on my scrotum. Before TRT, my testicles would fill out my scrotal sack.

And:After a year of TRT, my small testicles would not fill out the sack. There was a lot of loose scrotal skin.

Note:I could grab several inches of it below my testes. This was not normal for me.

And:This was a strange sensation. It is not something I want to experience again.

Unhappy. I was unhappy about the shrinkage of my testicles. When looking at myself in the mirror, it became apparent my testicles were much smaller.

Story:It almost seemed like I had none at first glance because my penis would completely block them.

Depression:For some men testicular shrinkage due to AAS can cause depression. It made me feel unhappy.

Also:I was certainly not sexually interested. My testicles were this size before I had completed puberty.

Prevalence. How common is testicular atrophy from taking anabolic steroids? One study surveyed men who used anabolic steroids for non-medical purposes.

So:It reported the rate of testicular shrinkage to be more than 50%. So more than half of men have ball shrinkage.

Also:Other side effects from the anabolic steroids were reported. These men were not using testosterone replacement therapy.

Our findings suggest that steroid use among gay men may have serious consequences for both physical and mental health.

Use of anabolic steroids, associated health risks
Side effects of anabolic steroids, prevalence

Men reporting side effects:        96.4%
Testicular atrophy:                51.0%
Insomnia:                          47.7%
Depression:                        25.2%
Hypertension, high blood pressure: 19.0%
Before, after. There was a difference in the size of my testicles before and after testosterone injections. The testicles probably ended up about one third the size they originally were.Testosterone Injections

Penis:Steroids do not affect penis size. My penis was not affected by Androgel or Depo-Testosterone (testosterone cypionate).

Tip:Erections actually become harder when you become eugonadal—meaning your testosterone levels are normal for men your age.

Some notes. It is important to have that sack hanging between our legs. When the temperature is warm it slaps against our thighs as we walk and move.

And:In a way we are emasculated when our balls shrink to a much smaller size. We feel less virile.

However:For men with genuine medical problems, using testosterone is worthwhile. Low testosterone is a health problem.

And:It is not a lifestyle choice or something to endure. It is a disease condition.

Healthy men. For men who are healthy, or near-healthy, having normal-sized balls in our shorts and filling our underwear is not something to deny ourselves.

Natural:Using exercise and diet, even strict diet, to fix low T may be better overall.

Increase Testosterone
Muscular body. Synthetic testosterone has its uses. But it can lead to unhappiness too. I felt unhappy about the situation. I felt that I was doing something unnatural.
An ideal. We all strive towards ideals. An ideal is a big sack full of testosterone-producing Leydig cells, resting against thick and strong legs. We can not all be ideal.
A personal note. My steroid usage is likely a benefit to my muscle sizes. But I was given these drugs by a medical doctor (who is probably making a lot more money than you or me).
A choice. I would not voluntarily take steroids again. But the benefits of testosterone, like increased muscle size and harder erections, are hard to deny. They have medical benefits.
Size recovery. One last thing in this story about my balls. It is now many years since I took anabolic steroids. My balls are as large as ever. They recovered completely in size.
Research, white spots. Vitiligo is a common skin condition, and one place where it first occurs is a man's balls. If you have a white spot on your testicles, read this research.White Spots, Testicles
Pain, right testicle. Epididymitis and testicular torsion cause testicular pain—this is often a medical emergency. This can happen in the left testicle too.Right Testicle Pain
A summary. Testosterone replacement therapy is a necessary medical treatment. It is prescribed by endocrinologists. I was fortunate that I only needed it a limited amount of time.
Unpleasant. TRT was unpleasant and made my testicles shrink. The testicular shrinkage I experienced was rapid but not profound. But it was unwanted.