Tea, muscle. My thick and muscular arms, built up from years of lifting heavy, pick up a porcelain teacup. I sip the green tea. It tastes good.
Powerful muscles. Tea is not just for delicate old ladies—although they too can benefit from it. Tea benefits the strong muscle man.
Tea is healthy. As a bodybuilder, I always ask myself: will this substance make me bigger? There is data about tea and muscle size.

Steroids:Tea has been found to cause chemical changes similar to those of anabolic steroids.

Fat:Tea reduces body fat. Scientific research says that green tea is more effective than black tea.

Muscle:Tea increases muscle gain. Tea does not only reduce fat mass. It also increases muscle bulk.

Steroids. Green and white tea have something in common with anabolic steroids. They interfere in a process called testosterone glucuronidation.

And:This leads to an increase in available testosterone. It increases athletic performance and muscle growth.

The anabolic steroid testosterone can be used by athletes to enhance athletic performance and muscle growth.... Inhibitors of testosterone glucuronidation could have an impact on circulating testosterone levels, thus aiding performance, as well as... masking testosterone abuse.

Dietary green and white teas
Testosterone. Scientists have researched this. Green and white tea can prevent testosterone abuse from being detected in athletes.

And:This means tea is a performance-enhancing substance similar to anabolic steroids. It increases circulating testosterone.

The results from this study showed that testosterone glucuronidation was inhibited by the green and white tea extracts... they inhibit testosterone glucuronidation....Dietary green and white teas

Anabolic. Instead of taking anabolic steroids, an athlete could drink a lot of green or white tea each day. This would increase his T level and act as a mild steroid.
Muscle mass. Many medical studies are done on rats. This is not to improve rat health, but to gain insight into all bodies. This is how science works.

Info:The study tried to determine if tea, both green and black, helps increase muscle mass. Were these rats built?

Rats:These rats were fed a high-fat diet—15% of calories from fat. I am not a rat. But this study can help us understand.

Rats were fed a 15% fat diet for 6 months from 4 weeks of age and were supplied GT, BT, EGCG or water. GT and BT reduced body fat.... GT and EGCG increased lean mass.

Green tea, black tea: body composition
Less fat. The animals fed green tea had reduced body fat and increased lean mass, which is muscle mass. BT means black tea and GT means green tea.

Catechin:EGCG means epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which is a catechin in green tea—it prevents disease.

So:We see that black tea contains less of the healthy catechins than does green tea. So black tea is still good for you, but less so.

And:Black tea has similar, but lesser, effects as green tea. It is still a healthy drink.

Bodybuilding. In animal studies, rats fed green tea have lower body fat and more muscle mass. The green tea rats are in great shape.

However:Both black and green tea have an effect. Yet the benefits of green tea tend to be bigger.

Green tea versus black tea. According to the science, green tea is superior to black tea for bodybuilding. And any sort of tea will help bodybuilders reach their goals.

Thus:Bodybuilders should consume tea on a regular basis. It has many positive effects.

Note:Animal studies involving muscle mass often apply to humans too. Obviously rats are not the same as humans so caution must be used.

Instructions. I drink tea to get results. As with all things bodybuilding, this can be done in large amounts. Here are some instructions.

1. Heat water.I use an electric hot water heater. This heats the water—about 8 cups—to boiling.

2. Add loose leaf tea.I then put about 5 spoonfuls of high-quality gunpowder green tea in a pot.

3. Pour hot water.I pour the hot water onto the loose leaf tea. I sometimes like to briefly stir it, but I am not sure if this helps.

4. Wait three minutes.It is important not to wait too long—if you do, your tea will be very bitter.

5. Pour tea into four large mugs.I have four large-size mugs. I use a single-cup tea strainer to strain out the tea leaves.

6. Let it cool.Some prefer to drink hot tea, but this can scald your throat. Instead you can wait for it to cool and quickly drink it.

Items. The above instructions don't add any sugar or cream to the tea. It is plain, high-quality green tea made from loose leaf tea. It requires four items.

Hot water:If you make tea every day, having a good way to heat water is important. I prefer an electric hot water heater.

Loose-leaf green tea:I recommend going for price and quality. High quality tea has more catechins, which improve body composition.

Tea strainer:This is a little insert you can place into a mug or cup. When you pour tea with leaves over it, its strains out the leaves.

Mugs:Having several large mugs makes this approach easier as well. Sometimes I just strain the tea into another pot.

Matcha. This is a powdered form of green tea. I investigated matcha to see if it is healthful. I discovered some evidence of its health benefits.

Note:In one study, rats with type 2 diabetes were given matcha powder for four months. Their health improved.

Heart:Fat and cholesterol levels went down. In humans this could result in a decreased rate of heart attack and stroke.

These results suggest that matcha protects against hepatic and renal damage through the suppression of renal AGE accumulation, by decreases in hepatic glucose, triglyceride, and total cholesterol levels, and by its antioxidant activities.

Matcha, a powdered green tea
Humans. I found no scientific studies that show clearly the health benefits of matcha in humans. But rats are similar to humans in some ways.
Teeth. Green tea has been shown to reduce cavities and dental problems. This is important for all people. And dental health is associated with muscle strength.Teeth

Tip:This means that a bodybuilder who drinks green tea will have improved dental health.

And:His overall health will also be improved. In older people, this has even been measured to increase muscle mass.

The effects of green tea extract on caries inhibition of hamsters and on acid resistance of human tooth enamel have been suggested....

Green tea: periodontal and general health
Bones. Muscles are great, but without bones, they would not be good for much. Women have bone loss (osteoporosis) more than men. Tea may help here.

Tip:Polyphenols are one part of tea. Green tea (in moderation) may help build stronger bones.

Animal studies reveal that intake of tea polyphenols have pronounced positive effects on bone as shown by higher bone mass and trabecular bone volume, number, and thickness... resulting in greater bone strength.

Tea and bone health
Urological. Tea has been found to benefit men with lower urinary tract symptoms. These include low urine flow and erectile dysfunction (ED), called LUTS symptoms.

Result:Positive effects were detected in six weeks. Thus we find that drinking tea may help with male health issues.

Oral administration of [tea extract] improved LUTS and quality of life in as little as 6 weeks.

Tea benefits urological health
Liver. Obesity is linked to fatty liver disease (NASH). Fatty deposits make it harder to lose weight. Tea can prevent nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, and keep your liver in better shape.NASH

In summary, these data suggest that nutritional support with antioxidants may be useful in preventing oxidative damage and the progression of NASH.

Black tea, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Health. Green tea is not just helpful for building big, strong bodies and losing fat. It helps with depression and other problems like asthma.Green Tea, DepressionGreen Tea, Asthma
A story. Years ago when I first started trying to get into shape, I bought some green tea. I did not like it. Tea always made me feel shaky.

And:Tea helped me. I transformed from a pathetic weakling to the man I am today. If you are not happy with your body, I recommend tea.

Some science. Scientists know that the catechins in green tea help prevent cancer. But green tea and black tea also help you lose weight.
Muscle. An animal study showed that green tea may help you build muscle mass as well. It is clear that green tea, in moderation, is a key part of a bodybuilding diet.