Steak, Stomach Pain. Sometimes I develop severe stomach pain. This happens at night. And often eating a meal with a steak comes before this stomach pain. Could the steak, which is well-done beef, be causing my stomach pain?

Info:Some causes of pain after eating steak include gallstones, steakhouse syndrome, or an infection.

Gallbladder. Steaks are often high in fat. This causes problem for people who have gallbladder problems (gallstones). The fat triggers gallbladder contractions, and the gallstones are sometimes released at this point. This causes tremendous pain.

Avoid fat in your diet. Every time the fat globules (in butter, bacon, cream, marbled steak) reach the small intestine, they send signals calling for more bile. That means more gallbladder contractions.

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Steakhouse syndrome. Medical literature describes the "steakhouse syndrome." After eating in a steakhouse, a person's esophagus is blocked by meat. Often people affected by this syndrome have an underlying problem with their esophagus.
This syndrome does not exactly cause pain. Mainly it results in difficulty breathing or even suffocation. It does highlight, though, that eating steaks can cause many problems for people.

A method of treating the "steakhouse syndrome" (esophageal obstruction due to meat impaction), employing air insufflation via a nasoesophageal tube with esophageal hypotonia, is described as applied in one patient.

Radiologic treatment: steakhouse syndrome

Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease. If you eat steak that has not been cooked thoroughly, it may be infected with this parasite. If you are infected by toxoplasmosis, you might get flu-like symptoms.

However:The initial symptoms include no severe stomach pains. If you have pain after eating steak, it is likely not toxoplasmosis.

It is also important to thoroughly wash hands after contact with animals, soil and raw meat and to appropriately cook meat. Beef, lamb and veal roasts and steaks should be cooked to at least 145° F.

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Discussion. Other foods are usually eating with steaks. These include bread and a variety of vegetables. And beverages, including ones with alcohol, are often served. For this reason, if pain occurs, the entire meal must be considered.

So:Think of the steak meals that have caused you stomach pain. Do they usually involve other foods?

And:If the meals usually include bread, corn, or alcohol, those items could also be involved in causing the stomach pain.

Many problems noted on this page are not likely causes of the stomach problems. For example, toxoplasmosis and the steakhouse syndrome are not likely to cause this symptom. Gallbladder problems are more likely.
Story. It always follows the best meals. I enjoy eating steak, although I prefer it closer to well-done than many do. I think of steak as a treat, something to savor. I do not eat it often. And I may eat it less often in the future.

And:It seems to cause me a terrible stomach pain the night after eating it. Sometimes it is two nights after enjoying the steak.

Pain:This is not the sort of mild stomach pain. This is perhaps the most severe pain I have ever experienced. Tears come to my eyes.

I have not learned how to prevent the problem associated with steak. I instead have found that avoiding steak in large quantities is best. The problem happens infrequently—and never if I do not eat steak.

Tip:Sometimes in life, an elaborate cure or procedure is not practical. Simpler solutions, like a diet change, are better.

Summary. Severe stomach pain is concerning. And after eating a tasty steak, it is perplexing. You begin to wonder if the steak was the cause. Eating a steak can cause stomach pain, particularly due to gallbladder problems.