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Muscle motion picture: muscle man

A muscle man. Years ago I was fat. Then one morning I woke up and realized time was passing. I would never realize my true ambition of becoming a male stripper.

Muscle man

I am still fat. But that is because I am bulking. I am trying to become the strongest man ever. My bulging chest, my huge thighs are evidence.

Huge bodybuilder

Extra-large is not enough. I want to be huge. I lift heavy. I eat 18 eggs a day. I went from being a pathetic weakling to being a massive muscle stud.

Muscle Building For Beginners

My story. In the magazines I saw guys who did not look like me. I was flabby and soft. They were hard and ripped. They were steak and I was marshmallow.

Muscle Building For Beginners

Like this guy. He is a piece of heavily-trained metal. His abs are rock-hard. My fat covers my body. I wondered how I could transform myself into a better man.

Scroll down: a solid chest

My pictures. I hope you are having a good day. But it does not matter now. You are about to have an awesome experience. Please scroll down for muscles.

Arm measures 40cm

Another year lifting. It is now 2015 and I am starting to look like a gorilla. I mean look at that arm. But having a strong and powerful body is a good thing.

Workout: how often should I work out

Some parts of my body have filled out. My chest seems more bodybuilder-like. It seems more meaty and strong. I will post more pictures as time passes.

Powerlifter with no shirt on

As I get older, I am not sure I like my appearance as much.
My upper body is large
and not excessively fat,
but it does not have much shape. It is just big.

Powerlifter man with big arm

As time passes, I hope to update this page with pictures of my body. This is partly a picture story. But also I just have no modesty.

Muscle man after

Making a change. I used to be in kind of bad shape. But I decided to make a change. That was over five years ago. A lot can happen in five years.

Logo, muscle, strong health tips

The lifestyle is not easy. You have to get off of the couch and lift heavy things. And then it helps if you eat a lot of eggs. This can be disgusting after a while.

Neck: veins in muscular neck

Neck. A strong neck is needed for many sports. I don't play those sports but look at my neck. You can see some of the neck veins (which makes sense).


Lifting weights is hard at first. It takes time for it to become a habit. But then it becomes easier. And you post pictures of yourself not wearing pants on the Internet.

Beefy arms

I am a muscle man. I like to flex my muscles and lift heavy things. I hope you enjoy these things too. People laugh at me but I don't mind.

Big arms, bodybuilder I no range shirt

I put on a shirt. I like tight shirts. These first shots are recent. Prepare for some older ones where I might be a bit softer—we are moving back in time.

Muscle man wearing jeans

This picture makes me look like a male stripper. I am wearing jeans, with my thumbs in my pockets. Lifting weights is fun. It relieves stress and improves my mood.

Man with large, muscular arm and shoulder

The pictures were taken in 2011 through 2014. The camera is not a good one. The pictures are modified in an image editor. But the body proportions are real.

Man with 16-inch biceps flexing

My right arm measures around 16 inches when my body fat is at a normal level. Building muscle is a simple process of lifting, eating and sleeping.

Triceps brachii muscle flexed

Triceps. This is my right triceps brachii muscle flexed, seen from a behind and rear position. The muscle has a horseshoe shape. It is fun to play with.

Curls with Olympic barbell and 10-pound plates

Barbell curl. One of the favorite,
and least useful,
exercises. These will help with big arms, but not huge arms. They are an isolation exercise.

Man doing biceps curls with dumbbell

Curls can also be done with dumbbells. This is only an 8-pound dumbbell. I can lift heavier weights. But if it is just for a photograph, does it matter?

Man with muscular back wearing tank top

Back. A bodybuilder in thought—this photo, slightly edited, shows the back of my head, and my triceps muscles. A tank top is a good choice for a strong man.

Man with muscular chest and pectoralis muscles

Pecs. This shows my pectoralis muscles from a different perspective. It is better to refer to a man's chest as his pecs. These are manly breasts.

Man with strong muscles

Strong muscles. This is yet another picture of a muscular upper body. The colors were changed for a different effect. It is lighter than many of the pictures.

Muscular man after weight gain: bulked up

Weight gain. This illustrates the need for a strong bodybuilder to gain weight. He must do this to pack on pounds of muscle mass.

Man thinking: idea

Muscle man in thought. Occasionally a muscle man needs to think. Depending on the man this may rarely happen. This picture illustrates a man in thought.

Muscular man with bulging pecs

Pecs. This is an odd shot of me holding my chest muscle in my hand. I took it for dramatic effect and blurred the background to use it as an illustration.

Biceps muscle: 15-inch arm flexed

Football player arm. Another shot of my right arm—I am at a higher level of body fat here so the arm is larger. It looks like a football player arm.

Stretch mark on bodybuilder biceps

Stretch marks. A bodybuilder often gets many stretch marks, called striae distensae. These are hard to prevent and impossible to cure.

Legs of muscular man in shorts: quadriceps

Muscular legs. An early picture of my quadriceps. It is meant to show the importance of lower-body exercise in building a strong physique.

Man with muscular arms flexing: 14 inches

Big arms. Before I took this picture, I wasn't sure if I should make a page about big arms. But I think the picture settles that concern.

Gluteus maximus of muscular man in shorts: butt

This is my rear end. I have a particularly muscular butt due to having done a lot of heavy squats. I consider my butt and legs to be some of my best features.

Muscular man showing trapezius and back

Trapezius. A muscular man cannot hide his traps—even if he is in uniform or church, you can see those thick muscles beneath his shirt.

Muscular forearm flexing: 13 inches

When in public, a man's forearm is noticed even more than his upper arm and biceps area. A thick forearm is hard to ignore. It exudes strength and command.

Flexed, strong muscular neck

Strong neck. A man's neck is another notable feature. I am facing the camera. If you want to find a strong man, the neck is one giveaway feature.

Insertion point for biceps muscle

Insertion point. In bodybuilding lore, the nearer the insertion point to your elbow, the larger your arm muscles can get. This is true. It is a simple fact of anatomy.

Muscular build: 200-pound man

200 pound man. This man weighs 200 pounds and he stands a little less than six feet tall. He has a muscular build. He is often a bit chubby.

Strong young man posing in shorts

Young man. This is a shot of me in my underwear. It illustrates a man's muscles and also how a muscular butt appears in the underwear.

Muscular male athlete in training

An athlete. This is one of my favorite shots and also a very recent one. I am in good shape, having lost a few inches of fat. The shirt is very tight.

Young man with strong arms flexing

Nice arms. I used this picture as the home page image for some time. It has some blurring done on the background and the contrast was increased.

Muscle man wearing skin-tight shirt

Muscle man. This is one of my current favorites. My arm is really large in this photo. I am doing my best to look like a real-life superhero.

Muscular man flexing triceps

Triceps. This graphic illustration shows the triceps shape, which can appear as a horseshoe depending on the man's genetics. I like this shot despite its low image quality.

Bodybuilder buttoning shirt up

Putting on shirt. I am putting on a button-down shirt in this picture. You can see my muscular arms as I try to button it up. Some image work was done to reduce the wrinkles on the shirt.

Weight lifter flexing leg muscles

Strong legs are undervalued in society. They make life much better. But since I wear pants outside usually, they are a little less noticeable.

Man with big arms wearing t-shirt

Arms are important. You can grab and pull on things with them. This is an older picture of my arms. The arms had less muscle on them back when it was taken.

Man with muscular chest and triceps: pectoralis

Pectorals. An older picture of my chest—this shows my head down and a shaved hair cut. It makes me look kind of sad. Maybe my performance in the gym was not good.

Side view: muscular man's triceps

Side view. This photo creeps me out. I look like some sort of cow on growth hormones and steroids. I look too muscular in this image. A lot of this is due to the lighting.

Bodybuilder with visible abs: six-pack

Stomach. Another attempt to show six-pack abs—and not a great outcome. It may be that I am too soft to really show an impressive six-pack.

Muscular man flexing triceps: side

Flexing. This is a side view of me flexing. I like the effect on my hair. Also I am a few pounds heavier in this picture so it is perhaps less impressive.

Muscular pecs flexed front

Having thick pectoralis major muscles is sometimes fun. You can move them around as you flex. If you put your arms together, you can get a different appearance.

Muscular man in shorts standing by shower

A muscular bodybuilder walks into the shower to clean himself after a workout. This is a strange photo but it has a certain appeal to it.

Strength: muscular man flexing in red light

Strength. This picture illustrates strength. Red is the color of strength and force. The colors on this picture were adjusted to make it seem more forceful.

Bodybuilder in shorts, near shower

In the shower. This photo shows a muscular male taking care of his body and checking out his physique in the shower of his gym. I have a bit of an arrogant look.

Man with muscular shoulders

Deltoids. I wanted a picture of my shoulder muscle (deltoids). This picture was not perfect. I might redo it in the future. Pull-ups can help with shoulders.

Man with big arms wearing t-shirt

T-shirt. Another shot of my arms in a loose t-shirt. I was wearing my underwear during this photo. My arms look impressive in the dim light.

Legs with muscular calves flexed

These are my calves. I do not target them. This picture illustrates running and walking exercise. Calf muscles are important for walking around.

Bodybuilder butt muscles pose

A strong man. The posterior chain,
including the butt
and the legs,
is key to a muscular man's shape. Pay attention to how the thighs bulge and the butt is curved and round.

Man using washcloth to improve his hygiene

Good hygiene. This is important for the bodybuilder. Make sure to clean your body after workouts. People might not run away from you.

Beefcake: muscle man in black and white

Posterior chain. A strong posterior chain is important for a bodybuilder. This includes the legs and buttocks. These muscles fill out jeans.

Bodybuilder sleeping

Sleeping—I am a sleepy boy. After lifting heavy weights, I am taking a nap in the middle of the day. Sleeping is one of my favorite activities.

Man with big arms wearing tight black shirt

Black shirt. If police officers had arms like this, I would respect them more. I am not a police officer but I do own a pair of handcuffs.

Dumb man flexing muscles

Dumb man. There is no way around it. If you pose like this you are dumb. But if you must be dumb, at least you can have big muscles.

Narcissus: man looking down

Narcissus. A Greek myth tells of a man who saw his reflection. He could not stop staring. He fell in love with himself. Did he lift?

Strong back: male

Strong back. Having a strong back is important for a man. I would not mess with a guy who looks like this. And I am the guy in the picture.

Do you even lift, bro

Lifter bro. I am dressed like a pumpkin in a tight orange shirt and black shorts. If you go around in public like this, you are truly a bro. Do you even lift, bro?

Bodybuilder flexing standing in kitchen

Kitchen. We see the bodybuilder in his natural habitat, a kitchen. A bodybuilder eats a lot. He does this as he transforms from a skinny boy.

Muscular man holding weight

Heavy weights. A builder lives to lift heavy weights. I am holding a 1.25 pound Olympic barbell plate. Notice my tensed, bulging muscles. Please do not notice my bulging gut.

Muscular man reading a book: bodybuilder education

Reading book. I am reading a book. It is confusing but I am doing my best. As bodybuilders say, no pain no gain. Even a muscle man must read.

Bodybuilder holding towel: hygiene

Man holding towel. I am holding a towel in front of myself. Hygiene is important for the bodybuilder. Bodybuilding enlarges only a man's muscles.

Man is an animal

Man is an animal. Most women will agree with my opinion that man is an animal. If he was not an animal, he would not need big muscles.

Strong young man not wearing shirt or pants

Strong man. Even a strong man like myself becomes exhausted. This is one of my favorite muscle shots. I am a young strong-man ready to take on the world. I am a heavy boy.

Muscle man holding himself

Man holding himself. This man is not wearing any clothes and he is holding himself in his hand. Whatever might he be planning to do next?

Strong chest in shadow

I always wondered whether the other boys were doing something I was not. No matter what I did, I could not get those show muscles. But I had a larger build than they did.

Man touching chest, in red shirt

I am a bigger dude. It takes longer for my muscles to bulge out the same way. But when they do, it is more impressive overall. And I have more potential for strength.

Shirt muscles

And I decided I was going to change my life. And get those chest muscles. I started squatting. And eating eggs. I ate so many eggs.

Man in white tank top, flexing

I drank so many whey protein shakes. I did pushups still, but focused on doing dips. At first I could not do a single body weight dip. But I progressed to doing them with heavy weights.

Male chest, in shower

It was hard but rewarding. I once almost trapped myself under a barbell doing bench presses at home. I was alone and it was scary, but I managed to get out from under the bar.

Man touching his nipple

I don't usually shave my chest, but it looks better in pictures. I also don't shave close. I just use a hair trimmer on its shortest blade guard. So I don't itch all over afterwards.

Muscle man

A muscular man. I hope you enjoyed these shots of a muscular man.
Those meaty,
thick arms
and that bulging,
manly chest. These make life worth living. Lifting is great.