Chest muscles

Chest. When I was a boy I wanted to have a large chest. My chest was always small. I did many pushups but those muscles were slow to develop.

Strong chest in shadow

I always wondered whether the other boys were doing something I was not. No matter what I did, I could not get those show muscles. But I had a larger build than they did.

Man touching chest, in red shirt

I am a bigger dude. It takes longer for my muscles to bulge out the same way. But when they do, it is more impressive overall. And I have more potential for strength.

Man chest, front

I kept lifting (mostly dumbbells, and not consistently). Things were slow to progress. But I gradually became serious. I had an illness.

Shirt muscles

And I decided I was going to change my life. And get those chest muscles. I started squatting. And eating eggs. I ate so many eggs.

Man in white tank top, flexing

I drank so many whey protein shakes. I did pushups still, but focused on doing dips. At first I could not do a single body weight dip. But I progressed to doing them with heavy weights.

Male chest, in shower

It was hard but rewarding. I once almost trapped myself under a barbell doing bench presses at home. I was alone and it was scary, but I managed to get out from under the bar.

Man touching his nipple

I don't usually shave my chest, but it looks better in pictures. I also don't shave close. I just use a hair trimmer on its shortest blade guard. So I don't itch all over afterwards.


Chest muscles make a man look powerful. One time I went into a police station. And the officer was sizing me up. He was not eating donuts but it looked like he had in the past.


Squats make strong muscles. Dips and squats are compound, not isolated exercises. Eat as many eggs as you can.
I recommend,
beyond all other things,
and eggs.

Eggs are a good muscle-building food

Cooked, raw, I don't care. Just eat them. If you have diarrhea afterwards eat some vegetables or take a break. I don't want to make you sick.

Raw Eggs
Muscle mass on bodybuilder chest

I feel good about myself with my nice chest muscles. But it was the process that was most rewarding. Sometimes I feel like I can do anything.

How Muscles Feel
Chest muscles in grey shirt

It is nice to walk around and be a strong dude. You take up more space. I feel hungry and thirsty most of the time. But I feel good about myself.

Muscle pictures, arms

So I recommend all guys who want bigger muscles to make an effort to get them.
It takes time,
many years,
even if you use steroids. Creatine, whey, and eggs are better.

Chest Development