Paleo Diet. Does the Paleo diet cause constipation? This diet eliminates grains. Typically grains are good for relieving constipation. The Paleo diet causes little constipation or heartburn. There are other reasons why constipation might occur.

Tip:The Paleo diet should reduce heartburn. Eating grains often leads to heartburn.

Tip 2:It should reduce constipation. Drinking more water and exercising more might also help.

Constipation. As review, let's look at page 88 of the Paleo Diet book by Loren Cordain. This part describes digestive diseases. It notes how the Paleo diet can alleviate these problems. Constipation is mentioned as something that is alleviated.

You will find that most of your digestive problems will disappear.The Paleo Diet

Still constipated? So you are trying to follow the Paleo diet and you have become constipated. What should you do? Some tips include eating more fiber. You can find fiber in fresh fruits such as apples.

Also:A short-term alternative is to use a fiber-based laxative. These are derived from grains—but this won't affect the Paleo diet much.

Another tip, which may be overlooked when you are switching to a Paleo-style lifestyle, is drinking enough water. With all the changes you are making in your diet, you might forget to drink enough water.

Tip:Water helps alleviate constipation. This should be considered before the other options. Exercise is also recommended by Dr. Cordain.

Constipation and Exercise: Walking
Story. I ate a modified Paleo diet at one point in my life. I felt I was overweight and was trying to lose body fat. Before I started Paleo, I was constipated all the time. This even landed me in the emergency room once.

Tip:After eating Paleo, my constipation resolved. I found it was not just the Paleo eating habits that helped me.

Also:I started exercising regularly. I started sitting less. I ended the strict Paleo diet and my constipation did not return.

Heartburn. Is the Paleo diet good for heartburn? The Paleolithic diet is a restricted-food diet that focuses on lean meats, fruits and vegetables. It eliminates foods such as grains, potato, rice and fatty meats. It is helpful for heartburn.
Digestive problems. Reading the entire book about the Paleo diet is useful for learning about the diet's positive healing effects on many diseases, particularly autoimmune diseases and Syndrome X disease.

And:On page 88 of the book, a section describes digestive diseases. Fiber in the Paleo diet may decrease problems including heartburn.

Heartburn. For people who are sensitive to grain-based foods—such as people who have autoimmune diseases of any kind, or celiac disease in particular—grains can cause frequent heartburn.
Acid reflux. Heartburn is frequently dismissed as a minor complaint. But it can expose a larger and treatable disease such as an autoimmune disease or celiac disease. The Paleo diet helps people who have these problems.National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse

Note:The Paleo diet as proposed by Loren Cordain can have a very positive or even curative effect on heartburn.

And:The foods avoided on the Paleolithic diet can cause problems for those with certain diseases such as autoimmune diseases.

Prune juice. Another solution for constipation is to drink prune juice. This is compatible with any diet. Prune juice is a natural drink that helps soften the bowels. More details on this tasty drink are available.Prune Juice, Constipation
Summary. The Paleo diet—also known as the caveman diet—should not cause constipation. But constipation is a normal occurrence for some of us. If constipation occurs, you can modify your diet.

Also:Try additional supplements to alleviate the problem. Water and exercise are useful things to remember.

Thus:Heartburn is reduced for many on the Paleo diet. But it does not solve the problem for everyone.