Pain, tip of penis. It was a rainy day. I was stuck inside. I was masturbating. My penis had been erect and it was a pleasant afternoon for me. But then something happened.
My penis tip began to hurt. I clicked on the Internet. Could it be serious? I found that I had irritated my urethra (penis opening) with some soap.

Details:The penis is a sensitive body part (as a penis owner you already know this). The urethra ends with an opening.

Urethra:This is where urine and also ejaculate fluid comes out. If something, like soap or lotion enters, it may hurt.

One common problem men have is the tip of the penis is painful. As a man, I have had this problem. It is often associated with using a bad thing to masturbate with. But read on for details.
Bladder infection. We address the cause by using the medical text Office Urology. In the table Genitourinary Pain, pain at the tip of penis is listed as a referred pain from the bladder.

Tip:This is caused by bladder infection. The medical term for bladder infection or inflammation is cystitis (page 72).

Office Urology: The Clinician's Guide

Note:A bladder infection can cause pain in the distal urethra. Distal means "far," so the pain occurs at the tip of the penis.

Note 2:This is a referred pain, which means your penis hurts but your bladder is the problem.

Bladder infection in men. Bladder infections—cystitis—are much less common in men than in women. Therefore it is less likely that urethra pain is caused by this problem in men.

Warning:Some conditions are painless. One interesting fact is that long-term impactions of the urethra are often painless.

Tumors, kidney stones:This includes tumors or impacted kidney stones. Not all conditions are painful.

Tumors of the genitourinary tract are usually painless unless they are locally invasive or lead to acute obstruction. (Page 72.)Office Urology: The Clinician's Guide

Complete list. The complete list of pain causes in the penis include obstruction, inflammation and ischemia—which means an insufficient blood supply.

Far end:Pain in the distal urethra (far end of the penis or tip) is primarily listed as a bladder infection.

Note:Ischemia means an inadequate blood supply to a part of the body. Ischemia to the penis can occur. This results in pain.

Prostatitis. We cover prostatitis, an enlargement of the prostate gland. This applies to men primarily over the age of 40. We will look at a book called "Botulinum Toxin in Urology."Botulinum Toxin in Urology

Research:On page 146, we read about a 44-year-old man who has had pain at the tip of his penis for two years.

Painful:He also frequently urinates. He has painful ejaculations. This man is diagnosed with chronic prostatitis.

Thus:Prostatitis causes pain at the distal urethra—tip of penis. This is different cause from bladder infections.

Prostatitis, Botox. This is not just for cosmetic procedures. An injection of botilinum toxin (Botox) into the prostatomembranous junction, which fixed the problem of the patient's pain.

Sometimes:A Botox injection at the urologist's office—in an outpatient procedure—can fix this penis pain.

Penile cancer. Another possible cause of penis pain is penile cancer. To research this malignant cause, I turned to Medical Therapy in Urology.

Rare:In Chapter 5, we learn that penile cancer is a rare disease. I am relieved to learn that I will probably not get penis cancer.

Usually, penile cancer arises on the epithelium of the glans.

Medical Therapy in UrologyHuman Papillomavirus, HPV: CDC

Info:It is usually caused by HPV, which is the human papillomavirus—also known as genital warts.

Cancer, glans. Penile cancer will not be found on exactly the tip of the penis, but rather the glans of the penis. The glans is also known as the head of the penis.

Death:Penile cancer often causes death. It is rare and occurs in 1 out of 100,000 men each year.

Tumor:Penile cancer presents with a tumor or bump, often on the glans. It is not just a painful penis head.

Urine cytology. Cancer of the genitourinary tract, which includes the prostrate and urethra—the tip of the penis—can be detected with urine cytology. This is a lab test done on urine.

And:According to the Oxford Handbook of Urology, many causes of a positive cytology report exist.

Oxford Handbook of Urology

Note:This simply means that cytology can detect cancer in the prostate or penis.

Further:If a person has had radiation therapy or chemotherapy, his urine test may also be abnormal. This may not indicate cancer.


Urothelial malignancy
Previous radiotherapy
Previous cytotoxic treatment
Soap. It is possible for the tip of the penis to become painful because of irritation. This is a form of inflammation. Sometimes a man applies soap to his penis.

Irritation:If a man applies soap to his penis, as for cleaning or lubricant, this can irritate the distal urethra (the opening).

Note:This is a temporary cause of pain and should abate quickly. Please consider using a different lubricant in the future.

See:Office Urology: The Clinician's Guide, which lists inflammation as a possible cause of penile tip pain.

Sexually transmitted. There are also several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can cause pain in the tip of the penis. I studied the book Signs & Symptoms in a Page.

And:I learned of several differential diagnoses of penile discharge on page 127.

Penile discharge, pus. With penile discharge, pus is emitted from the penis. This occurs at the tip of the penis, where there may also be pain.

Yellow, gray:Depending on the sexually transmitted disease, the discharge may be thick yellow or gray.

Tip:The most common cause of penile discharge is gonorrhea. The second is Chlamydia, which results in a more watery discharge.

Note:If it is possible the person has gonorrhea or Chlamydia, one laboratory test that is done is a culture.

And:In a culture, a cotton swab is inserted into the tip of the penis—the distal urethra.

Hygiene is important to reduce the occurrence of some forms of pain on the tip of the penis. This involves cleaning the penis daily and also taking a shower.

Tip:The areas around the penis, anus and testicles should be carefully cleaned. These are important are as to wash.

Perineal. This is referred to as perineal hygiene. This form of hygiene helps females prevent urinary tract infections. But it helps for males in the prevention of irritation.
A review. There are many causes to pain on the penis tip. This part of the penis includes the glans and distal urethra. This part of the penis can be painful due to a bladder infection.
Sometimes, this is a referred pain. Other possible causes include prostate problems, sexually transmitted diseases, irritants, or even lack of hygiene.Urinary Tract Infection, Men
Penis health is important. Men masturbate. This may lead to irritation. But other causes, even serious ones, may affect the penis.