Increase Testosterone

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Increase testosterone

A man's testosterone level is important.
It determines his health,
his body composition,
his sexual drive. Many common diseases and lifestyle choices can reduce T. Exercise, eating and drinking increase it in a natural way.

Increase T without medication:Garlic, fenugreek, aspirin, tea, coffee, lift weights, drink water, eat saturated fat, lose fat, sleep.


One effective way to increase testosterone is by eating garlic. This is one reason why garlic is available in supplement form. Men use it to increase their T levels. In a study, rats fed more garlic had more testosterone.

Garlic: TestosteroneGarlic is a useful supplement

These results suggest that dietary supplementation with... garlic alters hormones associated with protein anabolism by increasing testicular testosterone and decreasing plasma corticosterone in rats fed a high protein diet.

Garlic supplementation increases testicular testosterone


Muscle pose: upper body

Fenugreek seed is a supplement. It helps with arthritis and with women's issues. But it also has been shown to bring T levels in men up to normal levels. In the study, Testofen was fenugreek extract.

Tip:Fenugreek seed extract is available in supplement food at health food stores or online. It is inexpensive as well.

Fenugreek: TestosteroneFenugreek seed: foenum-gracum

It was concluded that Testofen demonstrated a significant positive effect on physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.

Physiological Aspects of Male Libido



Aspirin has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and increase testosterone levels. It does this over a period of 8 to 10 days. And this may promote better bodybuilding results. Please see the linked article for more information.

Thus:Aspirin has many benefits for heart health. But it may also help increase your testosterone levels. It is safe and cheap.

Aspirin, Bodybuilding


Tea has health benefits

Tea is perhaps the best natural supplement. New research (2012) shows that green tea acts in a way similar to anabolic steroids. It is the only food that does this. It inhibits a process called testosterone glucuronidation.

Tea: Testosterone

This process breaks down testosterone in the body. When green tea inhibits this process, circulating testosterone levels raise. This means green tea leads to higher testosterone. Green tea is a performance-enhancing drug.

The anabolic steroid testosterone can be used by athletes to enhance athletic performance and muscle growth.... Inhibitors of testosterone glucuronidation could have an impact on circulating testosterone levels, thus aiding performance, as well as... masking testosterone abuse.

Dietary green and white teasStrong and healthy: tips

Green tea is studied a lot in research. It leads to less body fat and more muscle mass. It may lead to increased T and better athletic performance. I recommend a fair amount of green tea each day.

Tip:Drink several cups of green tea each day. Even drinking a gallon of green tea every day would be beneficial.

Important:It would lead to less fat and more muscle mass—even with no exercise. Do you like the couch?


Coffee has health effects

Coffee is another way a man can increase his T levels. One study showed that men who consumed caffeine, in the form of chewing gum, has higher testosterone levels. Coffee, with caffeine, would also lead to higher testosterone levels.

Coffee: Testosterone

Following caffeine treatment, testosterone increased... relative to the placebo condition.

Caffeinated chewing gum: study

From my research, the health benefits of green tea are more established and greater than the health benefits of coffee. Green tea is better than black tea and coffee in most aspects.

Tip:If I were choosing a drink to improve my health, I would use high-quality green tea. Coffee and black tea are also effective.


Testosterone is an anabolic hormone

Lifting weights is one way you can naturally increase testosterone. Many studies have measured the testosterone levels of men before, during and after lifting. But lifting does not simply increase testosterone.

Lift Weights: Testosterone

Instead, it modifies the ratio of hormones in your body. The stress hormone cortisol is part of the testosterone-cortisol ratio. Lifting weights modifies this ratio so that more muscle growth occurs.

Barbell loaded with weight platesPercentage

The testosterone-cortisol ratio is important. Lifting weights modifies this to have more benefits. This is the same idea as "having more testosterone," even though testosterone is not increased much.

Previous studies with different results have suggested that total and bioavailable testosterone levels are modified by physical exercise. Such changes may be related to modifications in cortisol levels and could be reflected in some urine androgens.

SHBG, plasma and urinary androgens in weight liftersStarted lifting weights

Full-body exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, are best for influencing the testosterone-cortisol ratio. This leads to most muscle mass growth. It causes visual results in your body.

Why I Started Lifting Weights

Growth hormone:Weight lifting also modifies the level of growth hormone available. This requires enough sleep to be effective.

Growth Hormone

Sleep:For increasing growth hormone levels, the second half of the night's sleep is important.


Water is important for physical health: H2O

Does water affect your testosterone levels? As a bodybuilder, you want high T levels. This will increase your muscle mass. Drinking enough water is thought to important for weight loss.

So:I investigate this using PubMed. I found a scientific study done on college runners.

And:It measured testosterone levels and also cortisol levels. Testosterone is an anabolic hormone. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone.

The study measured the levels of the men's testosterone and cortisol levels. The measurements were taken at various times. Some were done in a dehydrated state (hypohydration). Others were done in a normal health state (euhydration).

Research results

Hydration state had no measurable effect on testosterone concentrations before, during, or after exercise at either intensity. Regardless of exercise intensity, cortisol concentrations were greater during hypohydration than euhydration pre-exercise and 20 min post-exercise.

Hydration state: testosterone and cortisol

Testosterone was not directly affected by how much water the men drank. Instead the cortisol level was much greater when the men did not drink enough. Cortisol breaks down tissue and testosterone helps build it.

When you don't drink enough water, the testosterone to cortisol ratio is lower. This means you gain less muscle mass or even lose it. Reducing cortisol by drinking enough water is perhaps more important than increasing testosterone.

Tip:The testosterone-to-cortisol ratio is improved when you stay hydrated. This is key to bodybuilding.

Water does not increase testosterone.
However it reduces cortisol before,
and after intense exercise. This changes the testosterone to cortisol ratio. If you drink enough water, your relative testosterone level will increase.

Thus:Staying hydrated will increase your muscle mass and help with your bodybuilding goals.

Saturated fat

Stick of butter: 800 calories

Eating saturated fat leads to higher testosterone levels. Foods like butter, coconut oil and canola oil contain lots of saturated fat. One study tested the effects of these oils on rats.

The rats given coconut oil had the highest increase in testosterone levels. But other foods containing saturated fats, like butter, canola oil and other oils, also would be effective.

Butter: Testosterone

In addition, levels of Testosterone in the [canola oil-fed rats] and [coconut-oil fed rats], and Free Testosterone in the [coconut-oil fed rats] had a remarkable increase.

Effect of consumption of fatty acidsTip

A small amount of butter could be added to every meal. The main point is that eliminating all fat from the diet is not a good way to maintain high testosterone levels. A low-fat diet instead decreases T and growth hormone.

Eggs:Another good food for getting more saturated fat is eggs. These can contribute to higher testosterone.


Lose fat

Obesity is harmful to health. This is common knowledge. There is an inverse correlation between testosterone and obesity. With more obesity, testosterone is lower. If an overweight man loses fat, his T levels may increase.

Several studies have confirmed the significant inverse correlation between testosterone and obesity.... After decades of intense controversy, a consensus has emerged that androgens are important regulators of fat mass and distribution.

Impact of testosterone on body fat composition



Make sure to get enough sleep. Science has found that when people are in "sleep debt" and are sleep-deprived, testosterone decreases. Cortisol increases. This leads to muscle atrophy—smaller, weaker muscles.

Sleep is important for maintenance of skeletal muscle health. Sleep debt can induce muscle atrophy by increasing glucocorticoids and decreasing testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I.

Resistance exercise: A non-pharmacological strategy

Because sleep is so important, you must ensure you do nothing to cause your sleep quality to decrease. Avoid caffeine before bedtime. And exercise most days to be tired enough to sleep at night.

Amount:The amount of sleep is critical to avoiding a sleep debt. Often the easiest way to get more sleep is to go to bed earlier.

Hot baths

Research has shown that old rats have reduced testosterone levels after being placed in hot baths. Humans are likely affected in the same way. So it is a good idea to avoid exposing your balls to excess heat.

And:Wearing loose, cooler underwear and not taking excessive hot baths will possibly help increase your T levels.

Hyperthermia significantly decreased the testicular testosterone level in old male rats.... These data imply that frequent hot baths might impair testicular steroidogenesis, especially in old men.

Testicular steroidogenesis, hyperthermia


Muscle pictures, chest, legs

There are many ways to increase testosterone. This list is not comprehensive. But it offers some of the easier and more direct ways to boost your T level. If a medical condition exists, please consider medications.

Low Testosterone

But:Trying these natural approaches is the best first step for men of all ages hoping to improve health and quality of life.

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