Lemonade, Heartburn. Lemon juice causes heartburn. Lemonade is a beverage made with lemon juice. It can aggravate heartburn in the same way that orange juice and grapefruit juice can. It contains citric acid. Lemon water may be a better alternative.

Tip:Lemons, oranges and grapefruit have citric acid. These are all citrus fruits.

Tip 2:These can all cause heartburn. Not drinking or eating these fruits is the easiest way to prevent symptoms.

Lemon juice. Those of us who have frequent heartburn or GERD will often avoid lemonade. Lemon juice often results in acid reflux. There are two possible reasons why lemonade could cause acid reflux.

Note:The acidity itself in the lemonade could cause the acid reflux. This is citric acid.

Note 2:Something related to the acidity could relax the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This causes the acid to go into the esophagus.

Like orange juice and grapefruit juice, lemonade is something that heartburn sufferers avoid. Lemonade tastes good. But it is not worth the pain after drinking it. Heartburn does not just cause discomfort and pain.

Instead:It causes physical damage to your esophagus. This results in more severe illnesses.

Ice water with lemon. You could try lemon-flavored ice water instead of lemonade. Ice water has the lowest likelihood of any beverage to cause heartburn symptoms. It is both soothing to the esophagus and free of irritating ingredients.
For variety, you can add a bit of lemon juice or lime juice to your ice water. You can do this by purchasing fresh lemons at your supermarket and squeezing them. You could also buy lemon juice or lime juice.

Story:For me lemonade results in bad heartburn symptoms fairly soon. The same thing happens with orange juice or grapefruit juice.

Citric acid. A common cause of heartburn is citrus foods. Citrus includes oranges, lemons, and grapefruit among some other variants of these fruits. Lemon juice and citric acid results in heartburn symptoms.
Lemon juice has citric acid. It is a major cause of heartburn. Medically, this is related to the citric acid. There is some disagreement about exactly what causes heartburn when acidic foods are eaten or drunk.
Reducing lemon juice quantity. How can you reduce the likelihood that you will have heartburn when you consume lemon juice? One approach you can take is to simply reduce the amount of lemon juice you use.

Tip:Citric acid can cause heartburn, particularly for those with GERD. It is best to limit the quantities of this acid.

GERD Prevalence
Orange juice. After breakfast, you get acid reflux. Could orange juice be contributing to this problem? Orange juice is listed as a problem food for heartburn. There are some kinds of orange juice that can alleviate this.
Acid content. First, all citrus drinks contain a lot of acid. When you suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) this can aggravate your condition. On many lists of problem foods, orange juice is listed.

Tip:If you suffer from heartburn some time after breakfast, it is possible that orange juice is the culprit.

I have found that I suffer heartburn due to my GERD condition after drinking orange juice, even a small amount of orange juice. Others I know also experience heartburn after drinking orange juice, and we treat it as a food to avoid.

So:The tangy acidity of orange juice is appealing, particularly in fresh-squeezed orange juice, but I tend to avoid it.

Low-acid orange juice. It is possible to purchase low-acid orange juice, such as Tropicana No Pulp Low Acid Orange Juice. If you like orange juice with your breakfast enough, the low-acid varieties can fill that void.

So:Orange juice has citric acid. This can promote the occurrence of heartburn in people who suffer from GERD or similar problems.

And:Because the acid in orange juice is essential to its taste, this problem is always linked to orange juice.

Grapefruit. Heartburn sufferers often get acid reflux from grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice can also cause problems for people who take medications. But many heartburn medications such as proton pump inhibitors are not affected by this.Prilosec: PPI
Grapefruit juice is a tangy drink for breakfast but can also be used to flavor water later in the day. However, grapefruit juice has a high acid content, similar to orange juice or lemonade.

Tip:Experts note that the acid content in foods does not necessarily indicate how likely they are to cause acid reflux.

But:As a rule of thumb, citrus beverages are high in acid and also very problematic for acid reflux sufferers.

Often, you will drink grapefruit juice with a regular meal. The scientific method teaches us to reduce the complexity of our experiments. Drink grapefruit juice separate from a regular meal and then monitor yourself for heartburn.

And:If you get heartburn from only drinking grapefruit juice, it is clearly a problem.

I cannot tolerate grapefruit. I avoid it even as a flavoring in ice water. Grapefruit juice causes the same problem as orange juice, but it seems to be more concentrated and even less is required to trigger my heartburn problem.

And:I decided citrus drinks are tasty but not worth the drawback. I tend to enjoy ice water more.

Ice water. For those with severe GERD—gastroesophageal reflux disease—only one beverage can offer assurance that you will not experience pain because of the drink. This drink is cold water, such as ice water.
Summary. Lemon juice and lemonade, oranges and grapefruit all cause heartburn. This is because they all contain citric acid. Citric acid can directly cause heartburn, or indirectly by relaxing the lower esophageal sphincter.

Tip:It is best to avoid lemonade, orange juice and grapefruit juice until the heartburn can be reduced.

Also:Often eating whole fruit is less painful. It contains more fiber than juices.