Gummy Candy, Heartburn. Do gummy bears cause heartburn symptoms? It depends on the specifics of your heartburn problem. For some, gummy candy causes no problems. For others it might. Candy could trigger heartburn and GERD symptoms.
Heartburn. Typically, gummy candy has a variety of ingredients in it. These can include gelatin and mineral oil. The candy often includes citric acid, to give the flavor more tanginess. For people who have heartburn, citric acid can cause problems.
Also, some who have heartburn may also have intolerances to certain foods, or even most foods. For me, gummy candy will typically cause a reaction partly because of the concentrated citric acid and the various preservatives.

Note:In general, processed foods are a poor choice for heartburn sufferers. Whole, less-processed foods are better.

The sugar in the gummy candy may also pose a serious problem. It can cause heartburn symptoms. Gummy candy is full of sugar, unless you get some made with an artificial sweetener such as Splenda, or a natural sweetener such as Stevia.

Stomach pressure. Gummy candy is bulky. Stomach pressure is another consideration to gummy candy in people who have heartburn symptoms. Often, people who eat food that is bulky hard-to-digest may experience heartburn.

Tip:This is because the food sits in the stomach for a long period and isn't quickly passed through the body.

Note:If gummy candy happens to cause this uncomfortable problem, it may need to be avoided.

Also:Some kinds of gummy candy, such as Twizzlers, may also contain gluten. These are problematic for gluten intolerance.

Gluten-Free CandyTwizzlers: Wikipedia
Night. If you enjoy eating gummy bears while relaxing at night, you are not alone. But this exact behavior can cause heartburn. The gummy bears may not have cleared your system before you lie down at night. And this will promote reflux.

Tip:Sleeping at an incline is important for those with heartburn. If the problem is not just gummy bears, this may be worth considering.

Story. Gummy candy often gives me heartburn symptoms. That burning feeling in my esophagus is unmistakable. And I like to eat gummy bears. Some tips I have found for eating gummy bears is to eat fewer of them.

So:I don't stuff myself on gummy candy any more—rather I only eat a couple handfuls.

Also I tend not to eat gummy candy if my stomach is full from a meal. This helps reduce the abdominal pressure caused by eating gummy bears, which tend to be bulky. Finally I tend to digest food better if I have recently exercised.
Summary. Gummy candy poses a serious heartburn problem. This is due to a variety of factors. But the solution is straightforward. You should instead eat food that does not cause you pain or result in esophageal damage.