ACV: Is apple cider vinegar effective? In folk medicine, apple cider vinegar is used for heartburn or weight loss. Many drug stores sell apple cider vinegar tables.
A few years ago, I spent a lot of money on supplements. I don't do that anymore. Once I bought some GNC apple cider vinegar tablets.

Weight loss:Apple cider vinegar is proven effective for weight loss. Scientific research finds it reduces body fat.

Heartburn:Anecdotal evidence suggests it may be helpful for heartburn. This may also be related to weight loss.

Heartburn. First, people who are interested in apple cider vinegar are often confused about what form to try. Some forms are notorious for having a very strong taste.

GNC:We test the GNC Natural Brand Apple Cider Vinegar tablets to determine if they are useful for heartburn.

Tablets. The tablets are sold in a dark brown, tan and green bottle in many drug stores in the United States. GNC products are often sold at other stores such as Rite Aid.
Ingredients. 600 mg apple cider vinegar, 100 mg cayenne pepper fruit powder, 100 mg ginger root powder, and 100 mg garcinia cambogia fruit extract (with 50 mg hydrochloric acid).
Package contents. It has no sugar, gluten or dairy. The bottle has 60 tablets. It says to use two pills each day. You can take one in the morning and one at night, with a glass of water.
Weight loss. I have struggled with my weight to various degrees in my adulthood. One thing I found in my struggle is apple cider vinegar tablets. These are available at stores.

Question:How can I know apple cider vinegar helps for weight loss? Medical research can help answer this.

Note:Apple cider vinegar helps people lose weight. There is scientific evidence for this.

I looked for scientific evidence. I found a study done in Sweden on vinegar supplements. In it the vinegar supplements reduced glucose spikes in the blood.

And:People who used vinegar supplements felt fuller and more satiated—they did not feel like eating.

Supplementation of a meal based on white wheat bread with vinegar reduced postprandial responses of blood glucose and insulin, and increased the subjective rating of satiety.

Vinegar supplementation
The explanation. A response of glucose and insulin (known to cause weight gain) that is reduced, along with a greater feeling of fullness, could certainly precipitate weight loss.

Thus:There exists scientific evidence that apple cider vinegar (ACV) is helpful for weight loss.

Story. Are the tablets effective for heartburn? I have just started using these tablets and have not been able to determine if they will be effective in the long run.
Reports. Other Internet users have reported their results on web sites. One person reports that the GNC apple cider vinegar tabs helped.

I started taking apple cider vinegar tabs... from GNC and got rid of my acid reflux in about two weeks... then I only took the tabs PRN. And now I'm 100% cured.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cure: YouTube
In my experience, the tablets improved my heartburn soon after taking them. I take two tablets a day, one in the morning and one at night. The cure was incomplete.Pro Re Nata
Benefits. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. It helps with heartburn and weight loss. Medical research indicates these benefits are true.
Products. I tried the apple cider vinegar tablets from GNC: these are available at many stores. They make using apple cider vinegar easier.