Garlic, Heartburn. Does garlic affect heartburn? Food with garlic in it is often a problem for heartburn sufferers. But garlic supplements can actually improve heartburn. Garlic has an effect on other stomach conditions, such as bacteria and parasites.

Tip:Garlic sometimes helps heartburn. It can reduce conditions in the stomach that result in acid reflux.

Help? Garlic supplements help heartburn by reducing bacteria and parasites in the stomach. These conditions can lead to a range of stomach problems. Sometimes a weakness in the esophageal sphincter may not be the main problem.

Instead:In some cases, bacteria or parasites may be causing the heartburn symptoms and indigestion.

Story. I found taking garlic supplements twice daily improved my heartburn more than most other remedies I have tried. In addition to garlic supplements, I also use aloe vera and apple cider vinegar tablets.
Together, these remedies are more expensive than Prilosec, but also much healthier in the long term. For me, taking two doses is good but three improves my symptoms further. I don't know if the garlic needs to be taken in the long term.PrilosecApple Cider Vinegar
Supplements. You can buy garlic supplements at many locations, including most supermarkets and drug stores. If you do not like the taste of garlic, the tablet form is best. It reduces the taste. When you take them, you will get garlic breath.

But:This is not a disaster. With less heartburn, your breath will smell better. Your teeth will be cleaner.

Other benefits. Garlic supplements have many other benefits. This makes them worthwhile even if you do not have a current heartburn problem. Garlic is a useful supplement—it is not usually expensive. It is worth a try.Garlic Increases Testosterone
Summary. Garlic has a bad reputation for causing heartburn. But it can improve heartburn when used as a supplement. On certain kinds of food, it will cause heartburn for many. Yet those same people could be helped a lot with garlic supplements.