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Farting, bodybuilding. A bodybuilder often farts. Is this normal, or does it indicate a flaw in his diet or some other problem? And does bodybuilding—lifting weights and eating a healthy diet—cause excess gas?

Research. One article I found in the medical library is about abdominal gas. It tells us about what might cause excess farting in a bodybuilder (or any person). It starts by posing questions you can ask yourself.

With regard to excessive rectal flatulence, several questions may be helpful.... Is there a relationship of rectal gas to the consumption of milk or milk products? If so, does this apply also to yogurt or cream? Does the patient eat certain legumes or breads?

Abdominal Gas: Clinical Methods

Excess farting (or flatulence) is often caused by milk. This is lactose intolerance. And for those with lactose intolerance, yogurt and cream will cause the farting much less—the lactose is less of a problem in those foods.


Also, the word legumes refers to beans, a notorious cause of farting. Bread contains gluten, which may trigger abdominal gas in people who have gluten intolerance. Gluten can also cause other digestive problems.

Bodybuilding. The medical research applies to bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders consume milk products, and if these contain lactose, flatulence may be a problem. If a bodybuilder consumes milk and experiences abdominal gas, he can fix the problem.

1. Use a lactose-free milk. Supermarkets sell lactose-free milk—one product brand is Lactaid.2. Use whey protein instead. Whey protein does not usually contain lactose. It is a processed form of milk, not milk.

Whey Protein

3. Use lactase pills. These are available in the pharmacy over-the-counter. Some brands include Lactaid and store brands.4. Get protein from other foods. The cheapest option, similar to option two, is to get your protein from other food sources.

Egg Protein

Beans are also commonly used in bodybuilding. They are a cheap and healthy form of protein and fiber. Certain products are available at grocery stores, such as Beano, that reduce farting after eating beans.

Beans and Bodybuilding: BCAA Supplements

For bodybuilders with gluten intolerance, avoiding bread and gluten products is essential. This can be a serious medical problem. The bodybuilder's overall health may improve dramatically if he stops eating gluten. This means no cookies.

Bread and Gluten: Bodybuilding Research

Story. Farting is a part of life. Everyone farts. But as a bodybuilder I believe that large men who eat the most food tend to fart the most. This is my experience in the gym and with my own body.

A large bodybuilder who is constantly digesting his meals will have many more opportunities to fart due to the buildup of methane gas. Unfortunately I cannot imagine any way to avoid this problem.

Tip: As a muscular man, the best thing to do is to fart away from others and not in tight spaces.

Also, I recommend limiting the amounts of foods eaten that may provoke farting. These include beans and certain processed foods such as TV dinners. Every person may have different causes to his or her farting.

Heartburn is another digestive problem. And sometimes it accompanies farting. This is often caused by a certain food source that is not being digested well. In some cases this is a food intolerance.

Note: Many more resources on heartburn, gluten intolerance, the Paleo diet, constipation and diarrhea are available.

Heartburn Info: Strong Health Tips

Summary. We referenced the medical literature on farting. We applied this to excessive flatulence in bodybuilding and athletics. In the absence of a medical disease, certain foods such as beans or milk may cause farting.