Diarrhea, Eggs. Do eggs cause diarrhea? Sometimes I develop diarrhea right after eating eggs (usually scrambled eggs). Eggs contain little fiber. And they can sometimes lead to salmonella poisoning.
Fiber. Eggs contain almost no carbohydrates. And dietary fiber is a carbohydrate—this means that eggs contain no fiber. For some of us with diarrhea, our diets are deficient in fiber. Eggs will not help with this.Egg Nutrient Chart
If you need more fiber, consider adding other foods to your eggs. Try some potatoes, which contain a significant amount of dietary fiber. Even bread (and toast) contains some dietary fiber. Bacon, however, does not.

Note:Please see the story section, later in this page, for more tips on how I combated diarrhea with excess fiber.

Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacterial infection. It is often caused by eating contaminated food—and eggs are a major cause. One study from Japan shows that washing your hands before cooking eggs helps prevent salmonella.

Also:Avoiding raw eggs can reduce the chances. Raw eggs are thought by some to have health benefits.

Raw Eggs

The major way of transmission is food of animal origin, for example egg. That is the reason why precaution is so important such as [washing] hands before cooking, avoiding eating raw egg and washing the cooking utensils after contacting raw foods.

Salmonella: Japanese

If you contract Salmonella after eating eggs, you will experience diarrhea for a variable period of time. Sometimes the diarrhea can last two or three days. And other times, it is of shorter duration.

Note:I have had salmonella, and it is often less severe than thought. It may cause mild diarrhea for a day, with few other symptoms.

Story. Over the years I have eaten many eggs. Sometimes, I have developed diarrhea right after eating those eggs. This is troublesome. And it often repeats—I develop diarrhea after eating eggs many times.

So:I sought to determine how to fix the problem. Once I decided I had contracted salmonella, as a major outbreak occurred.

But:Other times I was eating a diet deficient in fiber. I needed to add more potatoes to my breakfast to help bulk up my stools.

It is important for us all to eat enough fiber. This is one reason why the concept of a balanced diet is important. A balanced diet, by definition, has enough fiber to prevent diarrhea.

But:It is still just fiber, not some "balance" that helps prevent runny stools. Be certain to eat enough dietary fiber with your eggs.

Discussion. There are other factors that may link eggs to diarrhea. For example, it might not be the eggs—if you eat a restaurant meal, you might be reacting to another food on your plate, or even a flavoring of the meal.

Also:Food poisoning is another possibility. This could be linked to any food, not just eggs, and might not be related to salmonella.

Foodborne illness: Wikipedia

Tip:Salmonella is a form of foodborne illness, which as noted in Wikipedia, is another term for food poisoning.

Summary. Eggs have been proven to be a healthy part of your diet. But they are only part of a diet—they contain little fiber, which can lead to diarrhea problems. And they are also prone to having salmonella, so care should be taken.Diarrhea, Feel Better?