Testosterone Injection

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone

Testosterone injections are difficult. I was prescribed Depo-Testosterone injections by my endocrinologist. A nurse taught me how to do them in the doctor's office. The injections never became easy to do.

Note:Blood was drawn and analyzed at a lab. The range was for Total Testosterone. Normal was 241-827.

Note 2:For the age of the individual tested, the first two test results (281, 259) were low.
The third test result (890) was high.

Results of Depo-Testosterone injection

Dosage:200 mg testosterone cypionate every two weeks was used. The results were obtained through an endocrinologist.


The first step to administering the injections is to try to relax.
The more relaxed your body
and muscles are,
the easier this will be. Make sure the place you are doing the injection is calm and you will not be interrupted—lock the door.

Strong and healthy: tips

Comfortable room:The room should be neither too cold nor too hot. Excess heat is particularly bad because you will sweat and slip.

Alcohol rubbing pads:These are used to sterilize your leg or buttock before injection so that no infection gets started.

Small needle:This is prescribed by your physician. The small needle is used to inject the testosterone oil.

Large needle:The large needle is used with the syringe to extract the testosterone oil from the vial.

Syringe:The syringe sometimes comes with the small needle. It will come in a plastic wrapper.

Depo-Testosterone vial:This comes in a 1000 mg size. It is prescribed by a doctor—the generic is acceptable.

Bandage:Optional—I used Band-Aids only at the beginning of my testosterone injections. They can be hard to pull off.



Your doctor will have given you a specific amount of medicine to inject each week. This is to be done on a certain day, such as a Monday every two weeks. The standard dose of Depo-Testosterone is 200 mg every two weeks.

Large needle. I was given a large needle to use to extract the Depo-Testosterone oil from the vial. I unwrapped the syringe. I then exchanged the syringe's included need with the larger needle.

Then:I pulled back on the syringe to fill it with air. This is important to make filling it with medicine easier.

Next:I put the needle through the rubber top of the vial of medicine. The rubber top is designed to allow this.


It is important to push all the air out into the Depo-Testosterone vial at this point. This makes it easier to pull on the syringe and extract the oil from the vial. Fill the syringe with your prescribed dosage. For me, this was 200 mg.

Then:Set aside the needle. Do not let it touch anything. If it touches something dirty, you have to start over.


Legs of muscular man in shorts: quadriceps

You now need to open up the alcohol pad. On your thigh area, swab the area so it sterile. The temperature in the room should not be too cold. Sit on a chair or bench with your legs to your front. Relax your legs.

Now, you have to take the needle and stick it into your leg. The top outside part of your thigh is best. Injection should not be too close to the knee. There are two ways to inject: fast and slow.

And:I tended to inject slow. I do not think this is the ideal way but it worked for me. It will work if your needles are small.


If you have a small needle, it will take a while to inject the medicine into your leg. If you have a twitch in your leg, try to keep the needle in your leg. I have had a few bloody messes. They are unpleasant but easy to clean up.

When the medicine is fully injected, pull out the needle. You can again do this either fast or slow. It depends on your preference here and the size of the needle. Putting a bandage (Band-Aid) is optional. I usually skipped it.


Gluteus maximus of muscular man in shorts: butt

The above instructions were for injecting into the middle outside top part of the thigh. This tends to be a more painful injection site. Instead, injecting into the buttock is less painful and easier.

Gluteus maximus. If I had it to do over, I would have injected into the buttock every time. But for beginners the thigh is acceptable. To inject into the buttock, I found it best to stand in front of the mirror.

Tip:You can use a mirror to more easily see your side. The best injection site is near the top outside side of your buttock.

Also:Everyone's anatomy is different. But the buttocks are large enough so the injection here tends to work with variations.

Muscular Butt


It is sometimes hard to walk after you complete the injection. This wore off after at most a couple days. It is best not to plan any strenuous athletic events right after your shot. A regular exercise program is key.



Eggs are a good muscle-building food

Depo-Testosterone injections tended to make me more hungry than usual. This is a good chance to get caught up on your healthy eating. When you are this hungry, even protein shakes and baked beans taste good.

Note:I am not a physician. I cannot provide medical advice for your specific situation.

But:I can write articles about whey protein, eggs and beans, which are great bodybuilding foods for everyone.



Dollar signs

Some readers are interested in how much Depo-Testosterone costs. Other medications such as Androgel are more expensive. When I was prescribed Depo-Testosterone, my endocrinologist provided a prescription with five refills on it.

Also:I had to wait several weeks between refills because testosterone cypionate is a controlled substance.

The cost for each vial of testosterone cypionate—which were usually generics—was only $20 to $30. I had no insurance at this time. The syringes and needles were also provided at the pharmacy and these were even cheaper.

Also:Syringes and needles were less than $10 for large package. These were not a major expense.


Bodybuilder holding towel: hygiene

I remember when I visited the doctor. I was tested for all sorts of problems but had none of them.
One test,
for testosterone,
came back low. The doctor, an endocrinologist, prescribed Androgel.

Because I am not rich, I had to switch to shots to save money. At first I would visit the office every two weeks to get a shot. A lot of the guys, particularly the older ones, did this.

And:The nurse was friendly, the guys came in and dropped their pants, and in a few moments went on their way.

Instant, huge muscles

I talked to the doctor about testosterone. One time I asked him if he was taking it—he said he was planning to in a few years. It really is not a horrible, dangerous drug that many imagine it to be.

So:One day I asked if I could do the shots myself. This was arranged. The doctor prescribed the Depo-Testosterone.

And:He said I better not come back here looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I never did, but I did start regularly lifting weights.


Depo-Testosterone injections are hard to do by yourself. I was taught to them by a nurse at my endocrinologist's office. She said practice would make perfect. I never got to be an expert. Shots always made me nervous.

But:I am grateful for the guidance I received from my physician. After some years I no longer needed hormone treatments.

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