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Cogentin helps with side effects. It is prescribed for side effects from another medication you are taking. Cogentin, which has the generic name benztropine mesylate, is effective for muscle stiffness caused by antipsychotics.

Tip: Extrapyramidal side effects often involve muscle stiffness. Cogentin reduces these side effects.

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Effect. If you have severe muscle stiffness, the Cogentin will begin taking effect soon after you take the first pill. In my observations of a person taking Cogentin, the walking and posture problems caused by the muscle stiffness improved.

Unfortunately, this person did get some further side effects from taking the benztropine mesylate. The main side effect was blurred vision. This was particularly bothersome when looking at screens.

And: The blurred vision side effect did not decrease as the years passed for this person.

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Dosage. One reader had a comment on Cogentin. Martha asked, "My son has bipolar disorder and they put him on Haldol at the hospital. This made him really stiff and I am worried it's not healthy. Should he take Cogentin?"


I cannot provide medical advice for you, but Cogentin (benztropine) is sometimes used to alleviate muscle stiffness. It might be a better idea to reduce the dosage of haloperidol. Using the least amount of medication is preferable.

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Vision. One of the worst side effects from Cogentin is blurred vision. I thought it would be worthwhile to investigate blurry vision a bit further. Benztropine is well-known to cause serious blurry vision. It would be wise to avoid driving.

Side effects in general were worse with benztropine, particularly such anticholinergic effects as dry mouth and blurred vision.

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Summary. Cogentin is an effective adjunctive treatment for people who take antipsychotic medications for any reason. It has some bothersome side effects for many. Often the tradeoff is worth it in the short term.