Coffee. Why does coffee cause heartburn? There is debate about whether the acidity in coffee, or the caffeine, causes heartburn. One study shows that both caffeinated and decaf coffee causes heartburn. Coffee also has an effect on constipation.

Tip:Regular and decaf coffee both cause heartburn—the caffeine content is not responsible.

Tip 2:Acidity of coffee likely causes heartburn. Coffee is highly acidic. This likely results in acid reflux.

Tip 3:Coffee reduces constipation. Coffee drinkers have fewer constipated days.

Heartburn. Many have found that coffee causes heartburn. Sometimes people will assume that the caffeine content of coffee is at fault here. This is a reasonable guess. Coffee contains more caffeine than any other commonly consumed substance.
Coffee acidity. Another aspect of coffee, such as its acidity, is likely the culprit for heartburn sufferers. As a heartburn sufferer, coffee in general should be carefully consumed. If you drink coffee, closely monitor your symptoms.Coffee Health Tips
Medical study. Let's look at a study undertaken on elderly citizens of Croatia in southeast Europe. Elderly coffee drinkers with stomach enzyme depletion were studied. They tolerated neither decaffeinated nor regular coffee.
The study indicates that both regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee cause heartburn. People who have other stomach problems can get further problems from the caffeine in regular coffee.Coffee and health in the elderly

Note:We touched on the topic of coffee and heartburn. We dived into the medical journals to see what researchers have found.

And:The result is that decaf and regular coffee both cause heartburn. Regular coffee can cause further problems.

Decaf. Is decaf coffee healthful? Coffee is known to cause heartburn. An interesting medical study examined whether decaf coffee reduced this. It is possible to reduce heartburn symptoms by drinking decaf coffee.

Note:Caffeine causes heartburn. Regular coffee causes it more than decaf coffee.

First, I look at a medical study from Germany. Heartburn patients often "complain of heartburn after ingestion of coffee." The study measures the effects of drinking decaffeinated coffee. Reflux is reduced with decaffeinated coffee.The effect of decaffeination of coffee
The patients were given a standardized breakfast. The measurements of heartburn were taken with pH studies on the esophagus of each patient. Heartburn rates were defined as a fraction of the time where the pH level was less than four.

Note:Decaf coffee can improve heartburn symptoms in patients with reflux disease. We cited a medical study from Germany.

Results:The acid levels were measured for a period of time after breakfast on each patient. Decaf coffee can improve heartburn symptoms.

Constipation. Coffee is a favorite drink around the world. It gives a bit of a mental boost due to its caffeine content. A lot of people around the world also struggle with occasional constipation. Does coffee cause or treat constipation?
I used medical references to answer this question. I found that coffee may be associated with the absence of constipation. In other words, coffee reduces the likelihood you will become constipated.

The consumption of rice and coffee was inversely associated with and that of confectioneries and Japanese and Chinese tea was positively associated with a prevalence of self-reported constipation.

Dietary intake in relation to self-reported constipation
Low levels of constipation. The study found that Japanese women who drank coffee had low levels of constipation. Also, it found that rice reduced constipation. Candy and tea increased constipation.
Coffee enemas are used in alternative medicine. While doing research on coffee and constipation, I discovered that coffee enemas are not without danger. They can cause a condition called colitis. This condition includes abdominal pain.Coffee enema induced acute colitis

Warning:Please do not drink excess or unhealthy amounts of coffee or use it if it aggravates a medical condition.

Story. One thing physicians like to say is, "Our bodies are all different." We respond differently to treatments. I have found that some respond much better to coffee for constipation than others.

And:As for me, I have been constipated while drinking lots of coffee. Friends say that too much coffee always gives them diarrhea.

Summary. Coffee causes heartburn symptoms. This is due to the acidity of coffee and its caffeine content. Decaf coffee causes less heartburn symptoms. Medical studies establish some important facts about coffee and its effects on acid reflux.

Also:Coffee tends to reduce constipation. It has both negative and positive health effects.